Silver Linings Playbook


That’s the title of a movie which won an Academy Award – I think.

Well, I had resisted watching this even though I was on a look-out for good movies.  Having read the synopsis (a love story between 2 mentally-ill people) and watched the less than impressive trailer (I thought it was one of the run-in-the-mill inspirational type of life-triumph-over-adversities story), I had decided to give this a miss until my sister’s strong recommendation.

My sister has good taste so on the strength of her recommendation, I decided to give it a shot.

It was surprisingly quirky and yes, feel-good.  Jennifer Lawrence (she of the Hunger Games) was beautiful and talented, and so so young when paired against the delicious Bradley Cooper.

I don’t think it was as much about the acting talents then the solidly written script.  It was neat and meaningful and just wonderfully original.  Although I tend to steer away from movies about everyday life, I didn’t find a dull minute in this 2-hour treat.

So yes, my sister was right again.

Now, if only I can get around to watching Mr Holmes in Star Trek.


Feeding the cats

Yesterday, I was having lunch with a colleague in a nearby coffeeshop when a cat came by the table and meowed piteously at us.  It wanted our food.  All I did was arrogantly rolled my eyes and gave a slight shiver.  I have always been proud to say that I’m a ‘dog’ person and I pretty much disliked cats because they were not as friendly as dogs.

Anyways, my colleague had pity and deliberately went to buy a can of cat food.  She then divided the contents into two portions for the 2 cats that hung around the coffeeshop.  As I observed the 2 cats hungrily feeding on her generosity, I felt touched and a little ashamed of my high handedness.  They were hungry and I was reminded that a little bit of compassion goes a long way.

About Me

Curious, Enthusiastic, Reflective

A reader, learner, thinker, teacher, aspiring writer, a dreamer, a dancer, an intermittent ‘dieter’.  Somewhat droll, and with the right company, a wicked sense of humour.  Enjoying the company of others?  It’s all about the chemistry.

So that’s already something about Me.  The big ‘I’ of my life.  And here’s ‘Me’ starting the first post about myself.  Narcissistic.  Regrettably so.  The title of this blog states “Reflections” my thoughts are rarely about myself.  I find life in general, so much more interesting than my thoughts about myself, my feelings about myself.  I’m not sure I have much to say, really…

The two highlights of my uneventful life – if one measures eventful by adrenaline level, are skydiving and being thrown off a horse.  It makes for fascinating conversation and is a convenient ice-breaker.  But perhaps a story for another time.

I think I’m rather self-aware.  So I take myself with a pinch of salt.  I’m aware of my falliable nature and that’s why having God (and by God, I mean Jesus), by my side is a real comfort for He shoulders my burdens.  Failing is part of being human. I think the key is to feel REGRET about failing but not to beat oneself up.  After all, the Lord PAID for my sins.  And He picks me up and allows me to walk on with a grateful heart.

But I digress.

The activities I’m into currently at the moment, is reading.  Oh, I’ve always been a reader.  It’s just that it’s the June holidays at the moment and I’m going to binge.  I can’t wait! I’m into the genre Steampunk at the moment and have bought myself a beautiful ereader. Reading allows me to live different lives.  Travel to different worlds.  It’s being someone totally different, going places without leaving home.  And in the imagination, I can be a mage, ride an airship, claim friendship with an adventurer, travel to regency England, have tea with a duke etc etc. 

That, and packing. The other activity I mean. Packing my table, packing my room. Getting rid of my mess. Organising.  Minimalizing.  I’m looking forward to a major spring cleaning in the office and at home.    I’m going to embark on a change of lifestyle.  Perhaps my new motto will be “Less is more”…